OMG if packman would be alive, I think I’d…

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DIE. He is just too f-in scary! Gosh. Who did make this… this thing? Man. <_< I bet there is someone who says: “OMG HE’S SO CUTE!”, but NO! He is SO ugly, he’s cute. That’s the logic, my friends. It makes as much logic as we thing that aliens are green (IDEK)



My newest

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This’s my wishlist

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  • Stravaganza series (except Mask city)
  • Cirque Du Freak series (except first book)
  • Discworld series (except Guards!Guards!)
  • Kuroshitsuji The Black Butler Manga series
  • Harry Potter and Deadly Hollows
  • Star Trek the Original series
  • The Magicians Guild series
  • Scott Pilgrim series
  • Bizenghast manga series (except the 1st one)
  • Princess Ai manga series (except the 1st one)
  • World of Warcraft manga series (except the 1st one)

Other Stuff

Bigger Stuff

  • A computer (PC or a laptop)
  • Audio cassette player
  • A bike

Hi, here’s me

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This is what I do:
  • I draw
  • I review
  • I make GIFs
  • I do random stuff
  • I like computer games
  • I. Do. Stuff.